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A company that shapes extraordinary art out of ordinary things

A simple block of wood.
A plain sheet of glass.
A leaf of handmade paper.
A piece of metal.

When seen differently, these objects would hardly covet a second look.

But, when seen through the eyes of the artisans at Panchatatva, they take on a totally different meaning, form and dimension.

For over years, Panchatatva has been creating artifact after artifact to celebrate the elementary yet exuberant beauty of life in all its magnificent forms. As one of India's leading producers of traditional handcrafted gifts, artifacts, curios and collectibles, Panchatatva combines years of hard work, research and quality measures that have resulted in a wide ranging gallery of breathtaking creations - one would simply love to possess, collect or gift at the slightest opportunity.

The inspired ideas and concepts emerging from the designers are given shape at the assembling unit and workshop, where a skilled taskforce executes these designs into wooden masterpieces. The state of the art Assembly unit is fully equipped with the latest machinery for wood cutting, sanding, drilling and polishing in addition to a 1200 degree electric furnace for producing terracotta objects. With the design and assembly unit spread over 2500 sq. ft. of space, the company has an additional 10000 sq. ft. space to carry out its manufacturing operations.

Quality comes first at Panchatatva and a strict quality control system ensures that the best material, coatings, processes and people are employed to create original and innovative artifacts, with a world class finish and lasting value. Over the years, Panchatatva has gained increasing popularity amongst retail customers as well as the B2B community including architects, interior designers, art stores and corporate / institutional clients.

For its refreshingly original ideas, innovative design, imaginative choice of colours and material, the Panchatatva line of products has always attracted rave reviews. From a premier launch at the prestigious Society Collection Exhibition in 2006 to a successful participation at Furniture & Furnishing Fair at Mumbai's Nehru Centre, Panchatatva has captured the hearts and minds of all the visitors.

Wall Decors-Paintings For Home Decor-Home Decor
Paintings For Home Decor-Wall Decors
Code : 08P-2795
Price : INR Rs. 15000/-
Paintings For Home Decor-Wall Decors

Corporate Gift-Business Gifts-Corporate Gifts
Business Gifts-Corporate Gift
Code : 07K-4349
Price : INR Rs. 1250/-
Business Gifts-Corporate Gift

Huge Mural-Big Om Murals-Home Decor
Big Om Murals-Huge Mural
Code : 04O-2692
Price : INR Rs. 3250/-
Big Om Murals-Huge Mural

Business Clock-Corporate Clocks-Corporate Gifts
Corporate Clocks-Business Clock
Code : 02G-0328
Price : INR Rs. 650/-
Corporate Clocks-Business Clock

Employee Gift Idea-Employees Gift Ideas-Corporate Gifts
Employees Gift Ideas-Employee Gift Idea
Code : 09H-2752
Price : INR Rs. 1750/-
Employees Gift Ideas-Employee Gift Idea
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