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Indian Handicrafts
Indian Handicrafts

Wood Door

Wood Door-Decorative Doors

Product Code : 01A-1147
Indian Handicrafts
Product Dimensions
Height : 48.00 inches
Width : 16.00 inches
Thickness : 4.00 inches
Weight : 5500 grams
Indian Handicrafts
Product Price : INR Rs. 11000/-
Indian Handicrafts
  Indian Handicrafts
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Description : This vertical Wood Door (Indian Handicrafts) is an excellent way to beautify any plain looking door. A unique piece of art to make your entrance come alive. Interior Designers may choose this Ecofriendly Wood Door to decorate a Wall in the Office or Commercial Establishment. This Ecofriendly Wood Wood Door can be Customized & Personalized as per ones requirement. This Product is also known as Decorative Doors - Carved Wooden Door. Besides Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Amritsar and Ahmedabad - INDIA, this exclusive and unusual Decorative Doors - Carved Wooden Door is supplied in cities like New Jersey (United States) and Auckland (New Zealand).
Made up of : Wood, Sleeper, Teak, MDF, Twig, Coconut Shells, Acrylic Waterproof Paint, Banana Plant Fibre

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Indian Handicrafts

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