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Name Plates
Name Plates

Name Plate Ideas

Name Plate Ideas-Nameplates Idea

Product Code : 01T-Parm
Name Plates
Product Dimensions
Height : 21.00 inches
Width : 12.00 inches
Thickness : 2.00 inches
Weight : 2000 grams
Name Plates
Product Price : INR Rs. 3000/-
Name Plates
  Name Plates
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Description : Looking for some unique Name Plate Ideas (Name Plates). Here is a beautiful and elegant design to enhance your main door. This nameplate is simple and ethnic. Can be made in a darker finish too. It can be made in waterproof wood too for outdoor use. The Aum can be replaced with any other religious symbol too. One may choose these Hand crafted Name Plate Ideas to gift to friends or relatives abroad who love and appreciate wooden Indian handicrafts. These Hand crafted Handicraft Name Plate Ideas can be Customised & Personalised as per ones requirement. This Product is also known as Nameplates Idea - Nameplate Ideas. Besides Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa and Mysore - INDIA, these exclusive and unusual Nameplates Idea - Nameplate Ideas are preferred by people from Chicago (United States) and London (United Kingdom).
Made up of : Sleeper Wood, Wooden Cutouts, MDF, Acrylic Waterproof Paint, Brass Accessories.

PLEASE NOTE : The Default no. of Wooden Cutouts included in the cost is for maximum 7 alphabets. In case the name exceeds 7 alphabets, you may send us a mail with your complete requirement and we will send you a computerised design of the name plate along with cost details for your approval. This name plate is an interior name plate, in case you require an exterior weather proof name plate, you may ask a quote for the same on

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Name Plates

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