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Home Decor

What is Home Decor?

Home decor is the layout or style of interior furnishings and accessories such as wall hangings, murals, furniture, and decorative items.

Designs That We Offer

Panchatatva allows you to enhance your home decor with various decor accessories that add charm to any indoor space. Wall decorative and murals are some popular forms of decorating rooms. They come in various designs and style for a high appeal. Home decor also includes elegant wall photo frames, wall clocks, and wooden brackets. Use wall paintings, family photo frames to personalise your room and bedroom decor. Place quirky family photos on your child’s desk with our exquisite range of family and love photo frames.

Our Range of Home Decoration Items

  1. Designer Wall Clocks

    Designer Wall Clocks

    What is a Designer Wall Clock? A designer wall clock is a decorative timepiece ...
  2. Big Wall Clocks

    Big Wall Clocks

    What is a Big Wall Clock? A big wall clock is an oversized device used to measu...
  3. Wall Photo Frames

    Wall Photo Frames

    What is a Wall Photo Frame? A wall photo frame is the enclosure for a photograp...
  4. Family Photo Frames

    Family Photo Frames

    What is Family Photo Frame? Family photo frame is the enclosure for a family pi...
  5. Love Photo Frames

    Love Photo Frames

    What is Love Photo Frame? Love photo frame is the enclosure for a photograph or...
  6. Room Decor

    Room Decor

    What is Room Decor? Room decor is the layout or style of interior furnishings a...
  7. Bedroom Decor

    Bedroom Decor

    What is Bedroom Decor? Bedroom decor is the layout and style of furnishings and...
  8. Kitchen Decor

    Kitchen Decor

    What is Kitchen Decor? Kitchen decor is the design and implementation of furnis...
  9. Wall Decor

    Wall Decor

    What is Wall Decor? Wall decor is the layout, design, and decoration of the wal...
  10. Living Room Decor

    Living Room Decor

    What is Living Room Decor? Living room decor is the arrangement of furnishings ...
  11. Kids Room Decor

    Kids Room Decor

    What is Kids Room Decor? Kid’s room decor is the arrangement of the kid's...
  12. Wall Paintings

    Wall Paintings

    What is a Wall Painting? A wall painting is an artistic representation of a sub...
  13. Key Holders

    Key Holders

    What is a Key Holder? A key holder is a decor piece for hanging keys and other ...
  14. Wooden Brackets

    Wooden Brackets

    What is a Wooden Bracket? A wooden bracket is a smooth, solid plank of wood tha...
  15. Nameplates


    What is a Nameplate? A nameplate is a plate, disc or signboard fastened to a ba...

Customization of these Home Decoration Items

We are manufacturers of these Home Decoration Items and so these can be customized as per requirement. Design, shape, size, color combinations and concept can be modified to suit the interiors. A personalized message on any of our Home Decoration Item can also be printed on a handmade paper and stuck on the backside. We also provide services for delivering our gift items to all across INDIA.

Home Decor

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