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Marathi Artifacts

What is Marathi Art?

Marathi art is a decorative artifact such as name plate, wall mural etc., featuring typographic detailing in the official language of Maharashtra.

Designs That We Offer

At Panchatatva, we let you flaunt your roots in a dashing style with nameplates. A Marathi nameplate is Marathi signage that is designed with various materials and finishes for an exquisite look. It is an essential for every Maharashtrian household and allows you to flaunt your traditional roots to your visitors. They can be customized to showcase your family name in devanagiri script for a fashionable look. Show off your love for the language or your Maharashtrian roots by adding it to your decor via Panchatatva name and doorplates.

Our Range of Maharashtrian Art Pieces

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  1. Marathi Door Name Plate

    Marathi Door Name Plate

    SKU : 01T-Arun

    Rs. 1,275/-
  2. Om Symbol Marathi Name Plate Design

    Om Symbol Marathi Name Plate Design

    SKU : 31G-Jaik

    Rs. 4,025/-

Customization of these Maharashtrian Art Pieces

We are manufacturers of these Maharashtrian Art Pieces and so these can be customized as per requirement. Design, shape, size, color combinations and concept can be modified to suit the interiors. A personalized message on any of our Maharashtrian Art Piece can also be printed on a handmade paper and stuck on the backside. We also provide services for delivering our gift items to all across INDIA.

8 Items

Set Descending Direction

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